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Posted Date 3/15/2019
Description Schedule: Regular Part-time
Shift: Day/Evening
Hours: 7-430

A Patient Care Services Trainee I may be employed up totwelve (12) months, on a full time basis as they complete an approved programof study. Trainee positions are designed to "Earn while you Learn", in a formalprogram of study. The training is supported by AR Gould and applicants are requiredto sign an extra-ordinary training agreement as part of the position offer.Once the trainee successfully passes the education program and the appropriatelicensure/ certification examination, they are expected to transition to a fulltime role in their area of study. Details and expectations are included intheir letter of agreement/extra-ordinary training agreement. In addition to theessential duties for the course work, the training and /or competencyevaluation is based upon the standard education curriculum and the essentialduties of the position. (By way of example, LPN trainees must be able to meetthe essential duties for LPN).


1.Upon completion of the education program, meet the essentialduties and responsibilities for the position sought.

2.Actively participate in classroom and clinical experiences,adhering to all program requirements in order to successfully complete theprogram.

3.Meet all program admission requirements prior to beingoffered a position.

4.Meet all program exit requirements, including requirementsfor the certified/licensed position sought.

5. Keep Clinical Instructor informed of thepatient's status and changes as well as problems.

6. Comply with mandated hospital anddepartmental programs.

7. Accept responsibility for professionalgrowth and development.

8. Demonstrate a commitment to the philosophyand objectives of AR Gould.

9. Work with the education and leadership teamto assure a balance of work and educationalresponsibilities.


1. Performother work-related duties, within their scope of practice, as assigned, tomaintain assigned employment status.


The schedule will be based on the educational program takenand may include weekend, holiday, day, evening, or night work. Generally,classroom and clinical work will occur on day shift.


1.No previous clinical experience is required for Patient CareServices Trainee I.

2.Must have High School Diploma or GED or instructor approval.

3.Must meet program admission/certification/licensurerequirements.

2. Will obtain active licensure orcertification status within 120 days of completion of the program, unlessotherwise specified in the agreement letter.

3. Must be able to read and write withproficiency to accomplish responsibilities.

4. Must attend all clinical and classeducational sessions and complete the educational requirements of the course.

6. Team work, motivation, self-directedness,and commitment to patients are essential skills.


1. Able to sit for1-3 hours per day.

2. Able to stand and/or walk 4-7 hours/ /day.

3. Able to lift over 50 pounds using proper bodymechanics.

4. Able to twist 500 – 1000 times per day.

5. Able to bend 130-480 times per day.

6. Able to squat/kneel 1-3 hours/day (need notbe continuous).

7. Able to endure high energyrequirements. (7-9 meets)

8. Able to have wrists deviate from neutralposition.

9. Able to show ability to make skillfulcoordinate manual dexterity.

10. Able to use both hands 70%-100% of job cyclewith frequent fine motor skills.

11. Require corrected vision must be at least20/30 in both eyes (near and far). Ableto distinguish between red/green and blue/violet colors. Able to demonstrate accurate depthperception.

12. Able to hear a whispered voice at eight feet.

13. Able to speak clearly 8 - 10 hours a day.

14. Frequent exposure to infections that can causesignificant morbidity and/or mortality

15. Able to push/pull equipment several time aday. (i.e. lift chairs, scales, Hoyerlift)


1. Able to work in 70-80° environments.

2. Able to tolerate moderate exposure towater/dampness.

3. Occasional work on slippery surfaces.

4. Occasional work where surfaces are uneven.

5. Frequent exposure to voices, bells,buzzers, routine noises and occasional loud sounds.

6. Slight likelihood of significant traumaticinjury (i.e., lacerations, contusions, abrasions, fractures).

7. Slight likelihood of significant injuryfrom moving objects (i.e., wheelchairs, geri chairs, Hoyer


8. Frequent likelihood of exposure totoxic/infectious conditions.

9. Able to work with others; close associationis frequent and comprises a major portion of the job.

10. Able to self-pace work so that assignments arecompleted in a designated time span.

11. Able to extend work hours beyond twelve hoursper shift, on occasion.


1. Continuously utilizes appropriate judgment.

2. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply,divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.

3. Must be able to read and comprehend greaterthan grade 10 level of instruction.


1. Must remain calm and exercise self-controlin working relationships with residents/patients, staff, and visitors.

2. Works directly with persons who are or maybecome ill, disabled, or may be dying; may be present at the death bed and haveto care for the body of the deceased; must possess skills to cope with stressesassociated with illness, disability, dying, and death.


1. Willingness to work cooperatively isnecessary.

2. Strongpublic relations and customer satisfaction motivation.

The above specifications represent the summary requirementsof this position, which are subject to revision at any time.

Equal Opportunity Employment

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