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Live + Work in Maine is a non-profit dedicated to helping Maine employers attract and retain the talent they need to thrive. We do this through marketing campaigns, events, resources and content which showcase Maine's world-class quality of life alongside quality careers.

Our job board is a tool we use to market the quality and quantity of careers available in Maine. 

Take advantage of the tens of thousands of job seekers who browse the job board every month, and help us continue to grow that number by registering today.

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Some key features of our job board include:

Employer Profiles

  • Registering is FREE - even if you don't have any open jobs to post, you can create an Employer Profile to showcase your brand and culture (and it's good for your SEO). The more Employer Profiles we have to market, the better off everyone in Maine will be.

Job Postings

  • The entire Job Board is marketed to current Mainers and people likely to be interested in living and working in Maine.
  • Job postings are competitively priced, and designed to be affordable to employers of all sizes. Charging for job listings ensures a level of quality, and allows our non-profit organization to provide proactive, hands-on employer support.
  • You may add screening questions to your posting to help identify the top candidates.
  • Use our applicant tracking features to message applicants, add notes to applicants, and forward applicants to other staff.
  • Our job board is also the featured job board of the PressHerald, Sun Journal and The Maine Trust for Local News is a partner in our efforts.
  • All annual subscriptions include complimentary auto-posting of jobs from your website. Contact us to purchase this package and to set up a daily scrape. Email

Resume Search (additional cost; must be pre-approved)

  • Search for candidates through our resume database.
  • Organize resumes into folders and add recruiting notes.
  • Contact the candidate directly, and log the contact.
  • Pre-approval required to ensure security.

"Everything Package" – 1 Year Partner**All proceeds of job board revenue go directly to our mission of promoting Maine as a career destination.**
Get full and unlimited access to Live and Work in Maine's job board.
– Unlimited job postings
– Auto-posting from your internal job listing webpage (daily scrape)
– Auto-renews every 12 months
Note: if you want to set up an automatic scrape of your internal job board, please email Katie at
** This option is only available to companies of a certain size and # of job postings **
30 day posting30 day posting for a single job, including job seeker email alert (job seekers receive a daily email alerting them to new jobs which meet their interest criteria).
Hot Jobs Package30 day posting on the Live + Work in Maine job board, plus bonus exposure in the Hot Jobs widget running throughout our partner websites:, and Note: When purchased, the job will automatically appear in the job board and Hot Jobs widget.
Combine Priority Placement + Hot Jobs30 day posting with fixed, priority search result placement on the Live + Work in Maine job board, plus inclusion in the Hot Jobs widget running throughout, and To enable this feature email DJ Martin at Maine Trust for Local News, our media partner:
Premium Active and Passive Seeker PackageOur best package for posting results combined with visibility to passive job seekers.

30 day posting with fixed, priority search result placement on the job board and inclusion in the Hot Jobs widget running throughout, and websites.
Plus: 25,000 dedicated digital display ad impressions on three of the major news sites in Maine:, and (geotargeting and site/section targeting available).

To purchase this package, email DJ Martin ( A Customer Service representative from our partner websites will contact you promptly to complete the activation of your 25,000 dedicated display ad impressions.
Internship/Apprenticeship/Co-OpRecruit now for your 2024 Summer Talent! In partnership with the Maine Career Catalyst, we are excited to grow Maine's premier student recruitment effort via our job board.

Maine Career Catalyst provides innovative, experiential professional development, social, and networking opportunities for summer interns working in Maine. Learn more here:

To register interns or discuss the program, contact Jon Delorme, Workforce Development Specialist
at Maine Career Catalyst, at

Internship postings for summer 2024 are FREE - email Jon Delorme at Educate Maine for a promo code.
Maine Public Education Employers(SAU's)SAUs (School Administrative Units) are eligible for free, unlimited job postings through fall 2024. Employers will have received a promo code from Live + Work in Maine or Maine Department of Education - if you have not received one to make this checkout process $0, please contact "". Select the $99 per posting option.
Contact for price

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