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Posted Date 3/07/2023



TITLE:                  Technology Business Development Manager       

DEPARTMENT:      Office of Strategic Partnerships, Innovation, Resources and Engagement (SPIRE)         

REPORTS TO:        Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Innovation, Resources and Engagement

DATE:                    March 2023


PURPOSE: The Technology Business Development Manager assists the Vice President of Innovation and Economic Development with the daily management of technology transfer, commercialization, and industry engagement activities.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The Technology Business Development Manager is responsible for the planning and administration of technology transfer activities and projects for the Office of Strategic Partnerships, Innovation, Resources and Engagement (SPIRE). General areas of responsibility include identifying and responding to the technology transfer needs of University of Maine System departments, faculty, technical personnel, staff and students, as well as businesses and industries related to the University of Maine System. The Technology Business Development Manager develops relationships with industry partners and other stakeholders to develop commercialization pathways for the collective benefit of our partners, the institution, the inventors and economic development.  The Technology Business Development Manager works with faculty, staff and students to determine the most advantageous commercialization pathway for technologies and supports licensing partners, including startups, to achieve success.  The Technology Business Development Manager oversees all intellectual property contracts and agreements between outside businesses and agencies and the University of Maine. The Technology Business Development Manager also is responsible for monitoring the intellectual property policies of the University of Maine to avoid conflicts of interest or misuse of University of Maine resources.

Manage Portfolio:

  • Review new technology disclosures for commercial potential and patentable subject matter.
  • Act as a liaison between inventors, patent attorneys, companies and institutions.
  • Select attorneys with appropriate experience related to the case.
  • Communicate with parties relating to patent prosecution and license negotiation and maintenance.
  • Review, monitor, approve and manage the legal costs associated with patenting and copyrighting technology.
  • Draft and negotiate confidentiality agreements, patent documents, licensing agreements, and intellectual property clauses in grants and contracts.
  • Monitor license agreements for compliance to financial terms and due diligence.
  • Manage Material Transfer Agreements related to University of Maine-owned technologies.

Relationships with External Partners, Stakeholders, and Companies:

  • Assist in identifying technologies suitable for specific companies, investors and/or entrepreneurs and provide appropriate materials for their review.
  • Perform industry outreach and help develop targeted marketing programs.
  • Represent the University of Maine to various federal and state as well as public and private groups in the areas of technology transfer and economic development with an emphasis placed on the University of Maine’s areas of expertise.


  • Identify potential licensees and negotiate licensing terms to develop a mutually beneficial agreement to transfer university inventions from the laboratory to the marketplace.
  • Construct license agreements with appropriate milestones and financial terms to ensure commercialization of University of Maine technologies.


Campus Stakeholder Outreach:

  • Provide informational training regarding technology transfer and commercialization to faculty, students, and staff.
  • Communicate to inventors the University of Maine policies and procedures governing intellectual property rights while driving an increase in invention disclosures.
  • Investigate and monitor each case for impending publication, statutory bars and deadlines, and take appropriate action to ensure the opportunity to protect the technology.


  • Ensure that all relevant communications relating to a case are captured in the database and all records are entered accurately and in timely fashion.
  • Work with the Office of Research Administration to review and negotiate appropriate intellectual property rights in research agreements.
  • Negotiate inter-institutional agreements when an incoming technology is co-owned by another corporation, university or other third party.
  • Obtain non-confidential descriptions of the technologies that are accepted for patenting.
  • Notify research sponsor, federal funding agency, and/or industrial sponsor of the receipt of new intellectual property stemming from their support of a University of Maine researcher.
  • Assist in the preparation of budgets for technology transfer operations. 


  • Develop intellectual property commercialization strategies and pathways focused around specific technologies and technology families.
  • Monitor the University of Maine’s intellectual property and technology transfer policies.
  • Develop and write proposals for continued and special project funding that supports technology transfer, economic development, incubators, and entrepreneurship.


  • Develop and maintains professional relationships that reflect courtesy, civility, and mutual respect.
  • Build productive relationships with internal and external constituencies.
  • Utilize coaching and mentoring methods which provide an environment that is anticipatory, supportive, and encourages constructive feedback on performance.
  • Commit to organizational improvement by identifying opportunities to improve, and recommending possible alternatives for a situation.
  • Perform other reasonably related duties as assigned.



  • Master’s degree and business or management experience.
  • Substantial experience in intellectual property management, marketing and business development (at a land-grant institution preferred), including work with start-up and spin-off companies.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with prospects, outside agencies, visitors, and members of the University faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Ability to think creatively about commercialization and partnership opportunities to achieve effective outcomes.
  • Knowledge of the application of basic and applied research to new product development, commercialization, and manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of intellectual property issues, policies, agreements, and contracts.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Ability to travel, normally requiring a valid driver’s license.


  • Advanced degree preferred in science, engineering, business, or law.
  • Advanced technical and proposal writing skills and computer skills;
  • Familiarity with sponsored programs operation.
  • Knowledge of Maine-based public and private, business and economic development agencies highly desirable.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILIES: The Technology Business Development Manager is responsible for supervising the technology transfer staff employed by SPIRE, including associated professionals, administrative assistant(s), and graduate/undergraduate students.

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