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Posted Date 6/13/2019
Description Schedule: Regular Full-time
Shift: Day
Hours: 0800-1630


The Certified Radiation Physicist will work closely with theradiation oncology team, assisting with quality assurance, radiation safety,calibration, commissioning, and the implementation of new technology.Position will also assist with calculations and isodose planning for externalbeam therapy. certification through the American Board of Radiology orequivalent.


Responsible for overall departmental radiation safety. Supports all aspects of qualitymanagement program and radiation safety. · Provide support and oversight todosimetry staff. The position carriesthe implicit responsibility to apply regulations, standards and guidelines ofthe following agencies, commissions and organizations which have mandated, orotherwise recommended, the specific activities and documentation:

1. American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) forradiation oncology physics.

2. American Society for Radiation Oncology for best practice and qualityguidelines.

3. State of Maine Radiation Control Program inspections of facility and records

4. BRH (Bureau of Radiologic Health) federal guidelines

5. Assists with The Joint Commission inspections of facility and records

6. ACR (American college of Radiology) accreditation standards compliance

7. ACOS (American college of Surgeon's Commission on Cancer)


1. Certification in Therapeutic Medical Physics by American Board of Radiology or equivalent.

2. Current licensure by the State of Maine as required by the Medical Radiation Health and Safety Act.

3.Qualifications required to be a radiological physicist qualified expert in the state of Maine


Eight hours per day, normally a day shift schedule but mayrequire occasional weekend and evening hours as patient/departmental needsrequire.


Preferred experience and requirements: two to six years ofclinical experience as a Therapeutic Medical Physicist in RadiationOncology. Applicants must have a M.S. orPhD in physics, engineering, medical physics or closely related science and mustbe eligible or certified by the American Board of Radiology in TherapeuticRadiologic Physics. Individual shouldhave experience with advanced radiotherapy technology such as VMAT, IGRT, IMRT,SRS, SBRT, tumor motion management, and quality assurance instrumentation andmethods. must be able to workeffectively and collegially with the entire medical team (physicians,physicists, dosimetrists, therapists, nurses, etc.


Masters (or PhD, DSc, DMP) in physics required.


Respect for fellow employees and supervisors; integrity andethical behavior; service quality aimed at customers, physicians, and patients;and excellence in achieving higher performance standards. Willingness to compromise and to workco-operatively. Must be able to work effectively andcollegially with the entire medical team (physicians, physicists, dosimetrists,therapists, nurses, etc.)


  1. Must possess mobility to travel between various sections of the department/hospital/cancer center.
  2. Must possess manual dexterity to grasp and manipulate large/small objects, thick/thin objects, use a computer keyboard and calculator, and use writing implements such as pens, pencils, markers, etc.
  3. Must be able to sit approximately 50% of working hours.
  4. Must possess visual acuity necessary to read digital/electronic readouts, and to discern information from computers, calculators, electronic controls, printed documents, charts, and diagrams.
  5. Must be able to wear a lead protective apron weighing approximately 10 pounds when required.
  6. Must be able to lift equipment weighing approximately 20 pounds.
  7. Must be able to move within narrow, confined areas, etc.
  8. Regular attendance is required.
  9. Complex environment involving communication with a variety of staff and physicians. Ionizing radiation. Electrical and electronic equipment.
  10. Confined and changing work area in varied lighting conditions.
  11. Strong odors, varying temperatures and noise levels.
  12. Video display terminal exposure.
  13. Potential exposure to patients with communicable diseases, purulent discharges, secretions, and excretions.
  14. Indoor work 100% of work day.
  15. Potentially hazardous equipment and materials.

Equal Opportunity Employment

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