Composite Technician

Custom Composite Technologies, Inc. | Bath, ME, United States

Posted Date 8/28/2023

Composite Technician Builders:

Creative hands-on career opportunities building the world's finest yachts, creative appendages, and innovative prototype development.

Custom Composite Technologies, Inc. is a world-class builder of advanced composite yachts and renewable energy components.  We are makers of custom one-off parts and use customer supplied design to quality standards.   

As a team member, your hands-on skills will include vacuum infusion, sanding, cutting carbon fiber and fiberglass, measuring materials and parts, utilizing a myriad of machine and hand tools, and collaborating with others to meet industry and company high quality standards every step of the way.

Processes:  vacuum infusion of composites:   carbon fiber, epoxy resin, fiberglass.

Shop Environment:  We value safety, organization, and positive communication.

Skill set:

-accurate and precise math, measuring and quality control

-demonstrated experience and safety awareness in a manufacturing facility

-safely using table saws, hand tools, power tools, all types

-cutting carbon fiber and glass, measuring, laying up, gelcoating, sanding, detail, team work

- carpentry, detail and blue print reading a plus

-Gel Coat and Paint Prep skills a plus

Let us help you develop into a world class builder.   Call today!  

We work a 40 hour week in 4 days, Monday through Thursday.   Fridays are overtime and optional.

Benefits Include:  paid holidays, paid vacation, hourly pay every week, performance based bonus.  

Salary21.00 Hour
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Design | General Labor | Manufacturing | Marine Industries
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