Accounts Payable Clerk

Cary Medical Center | Caribou, ME, United States

Posted Date 12/23/2022

Job Summary: The accounts payable clerk processes all vendor bills for payment. Position must verify all vendor bills for proper payment authorization. Position will record, track, and process the vendor bills for payment. Proper filing of unpaid and paid invoices and a monthly review of statements are required.

Essential Duties:

  1. Maintain friendly, courteous, professional and positive staff and public relations.
  2. All clean (matched) invoices and receiving records appropriately filed within 24 hours of receipt.
  3. Any invoice which does not match the receiving record is forwarded to the Purchasing Clerk for review and approval within 24 hours of receipt.
  4. All invoices needing voucher approval are forwarded to the appropriate Department Manager for review and approval within 24 hours of receipt.
  5. Voided checks, off-line checks, patient refunds and general run are completed weekly. Checks are started no earlier than Wednesday noon and are printed, matched to documentation, and ready for signature no later than 4:00 pm Thursday afternoon.
  6. Postage account is audited and replenished to a $300.00 balance by the end of the second business day of the following month (backup).
  7. Accounts payable detail trial balance, daily edit list, check register edit list and patient refund list are run at the request of the Controller, immediately after each batch, and weekly after each check run. All reports must be spooled and moved to permanent storage weekly.
  8. Purge accounts payable vendors are month for the month just ended, following accounts payable detail trial balance run.
  9. After all reports are run, ending balances are matched to GL for accuracy. Variances are identified and journal entries are prepared as needed.
  10. All GL account numbers starting with 106XXXXX have an open file. Copies of invoices charged to these accounts and placed in the open file by the end of the month in which the invoice was processed.
  11. Miscellaneous receivables are appropriately recognized and statements are mailed within 3 business days of month end. Collection report is run and spooled to optical imager each month. (backup)
  12. All monthly statements are being reviewed and appropriate action is taken by the end of the month received.
  13. Maintain accounts that require 1099’s. Complete 1099’s.
  14. Reconciles payroll bank statement (backup)
  15. Work cooperatively with outside vendors. Voice mail messages are returned by the end of the next business day.
  16. Outstanding checks are researched and appropriate action is taken by the end of month.
  17. Communicates frequently with Controller regarding issues or concerns.

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Meet the identified organizational requirements and work habits.
  2. Perform other work-related duties as assigned and assist in overall administrative support to accounting department.
  3. Maintain the ability to set priorities, multi-task and work in an organized manner.
  4. Complies with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


Availability Requirements:

Travel required daily. Occasional weekend or evening work may be requested with weekday routine.

Education, Skills, Experience Requirements:

  1. Associates Degree in Accounting or Business, Bachelors’ Degree preferred, or at least three (3) years of experience in accounting field.
  2. Use of office equipment, i.e. adding machine, photocopier, fax machine, scanner and computer.
  3. Typing skill of at least 30 words per minute with accuracy.
  4. Ability to work independently, organize and prioritize work and to meet deadlines.

Physical Demand Requirements:

  1. Sitting: Approximately 4 – 7 hours/day.
  2. Hand/wrist repetition: Approximately 1000/day with moderate deviation.
  3. Speech: Requires clear speaking ability at least 4 hours/day.
  4. Noise: Steady exposure to voices.
  5. Working with others: Moderate association is intermittent and necessary.
  6. Problem solving: Frequent problem solving required.
  7. Reading/Comprehension: Must be able to read and comprehend greater than grade 10 level of instruction.
  8. Math/Arithmetic: Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide, perform fractions, and calculate percentages.
  9. Use material handling equipment (i.e. carts, dollies) and proper body mechanics when moving or transferring materials, supplies, or equipment that exceeds the weight limit or that which is beyond your level of capacity to lift.

Work Habits:

  1. Completes work within a designated time
  2. Demonstrates the ability to work independently and is accountable for own actions
  3. Shows initiative and follow-through
  4. Demonstrates productivity at work (makes good use of down time)
  5. Performs duties willingly and enthusiastically
  6. Returns from breaks, meals, meetings and in-services in a timely manner
  7. Takes appropriate actions when safety issues are identified (reports hazardous situations to appropriate person, removes malfunctioning equipment, etc.)
  8. Follows recommendations designed to reduce worksite injuries (proper body mechanics, personal protective gear, safe sharps, etc.)
  9. Demonstrates the ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations
  10. Demonstrates judicious use of supplies

Organizational requirements:

  1. Reports to work on time and as scheduled.
  2. Wears identification while on duty.
  3. Uses computerized punch time system correctly.
  4. Adheres to Appearance and Dress Code policy, appearance is neat and tidy:

a) Fingernails must be clean, neatly manicured and of reasonable length. Artificial nails may not be worn in identified areas per Infection Control Policy.

b) Makeup and jewelry should be worn in a conservative and tasteful manner. Jewelry should not present a safety hazard or interfere with job performance.

5. Maintains and ensures patient confidentiality at all times.

6. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices.

7. Adheres to safety policies as evidenced by in-service attendance records and employee practices.

8. Maintains regulatory requirements (i.e. licensing, certification).

9. Attends staff meetings, reviews monthly staff meeting minutes of missed meetings.

10. Parks in designated employee areas.

11. Does not exceed 3% unscheduled absences.

Promotes a Collaborative and Cooperative Environment:

  1. Establishes good rapport and cooperative working relationships with other members of the organization to promote quality care and service
  2. Handles conflict appropriately (uses I statements to discuss issues, discusses privately and directly with the individual involved, obtains assistance from supervisor when needed)
  3. Responds appropriately to change (remains open-minded, keeps personal agenda out)
  4. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner (language and actions reflect the mission and vision of CMC)
  5. Participates in performance improvement by identifying problems and potential solutions (Be part of the Solution, Not part of the Problem)
  6. Treats patients, family, visitors and co-workers with respect and dignity (addressing individuals courteously, knocking before entering, keeping voice down, displaying positive regard)
  7. Provides exceptional customer service, thus contributing to the “WOW” experience (offering assistance before being asked, going one step extra to help, smiles and makes eye contact when speaking)

Cognitive Environment Requirements:

  1. Some problem solving required, as well as making independent judgments and decisions.
  2. Continuously assess situations and determine corrective actions as needed.

Emotional Environment Requirements:

  1. Must remain calm & exercise self-control in working relationships.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position without compromising customer service.

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