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Posted Date 4/20/2018
Description A Long-Term Care New Graduate Nurse Intern/Resident is responsible for performing various duties assisting in the care of patients in accordance within the established protocol, policies and procedures of LincolnHealth (LH). The new Nurse is working progressively towards competency and independence in responsibilities for managing and coordinating resident/patient care to an assigned group. The new Nurse Intern/Resident collaborates directly with the medical staff in formulating a plan of care for the patient/residents. During the 6 to 12-week Internship Phase, the new Nurse works under the direction of an RN Preceptor and the Department’s manager. During the 9-month Nurse Residency phase, the new RN is working independently under the guidance of a mentor and supervision of the Department’s manager and/or designee.

New graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) from an accredited program or school. Successful completion of the NCLEX.

RN Internship/Residency Program: The new Nurse Internship/Residency Program at LH is designed to support the new graduate nurse in making the transition from student to competent clinical practitioner as guided by the Maine Nurse Core Competencies. This program focuses on clinical, technical, professional, and educational learning and bedside experiences which will assist the new nurse in developing his/her full potential to provide cost-effective, safe, quality patient care. The Nurse Internship/Residency Program will follow a Competency-Based Nurse Orientation. Participation in all components of the Internship/Residency Program are required.

Internship Phase (6 to 12 weeks): During the Internship Phase, the new nurse will be assigned an RN Preceptor and provided with progressive clinical experiences in acquiring clinical competency at the Novice level of the Maine Nurse Core Competencies. This Phase includes an extended orientation to needed clinical skills and practices as well as verification of required competencies.

Residency Phase (9 months): Upon successful completion of the Internship Phase, the new RN moves into the Residency Phase as an RN 1. During this Phase, the new RN 1 participates in required professional development programs and experiences as he/she acquires competency at the Advanced Beginner level of the Maine Nurse Core Competencies. The Resident, RN1 works under the direct supervision of the Department’s manager and/or designee as well as a mentor.

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