Phlebotomist III Franklin

MaineHealth | Farmington, ME

Posted Date 4/20/2018
Description Under the guidance of the Specimen Management Supervisor/Shift Supervisor, performs specimen collection handling and processing. Interacts professionally with patients, clients, and co-workers throughout the organization(s). Accurately performs all tasks associated with specimen collection. Dependent upon the level of the position, will perform more specialized duties related to dispatch, order entry, specimen processing and handling, CSA and resolution of client issues.

* High school graduate or equivalent Required Experience:
* Must be able to work any shift, holiday and/or weekend as needed.
* Must be able to travel among company sites as needed.

Competencies and Skills:
* Communication: Conduct that ensures the exchange of correct information within the organization in a courteous, considerate, and timely manner. The following essential standards need to be considered: Provides needed information, utilizes active listening skills, solicits and provides feedback, responds to constructive feedback from others, resolves conflicts, interacts positively and effectively and utilizes company communication tools.
* Teamwork: Conduct through which working relations with colleagues are effectively established and continuously improved upon in a changing work environment. The following essential standards need to be considered: Works with others to achieve department and company goals/objectives, contributes to team, departmental and organizational goals, resolves problems; responds cooperatively to problem resolution, responds to change and demonstrates an approachable demeanor.
* Organizational Skills: Conduct which contributes to an organized and efficient workstation. The following essential factors need to be considered: Organization of tasks, consideration of every aspect of a project when planning; including other areas of the organization, efficient utilization of resources and prioritizes work and tasks.
* Financial Strength: Conduct that enhances the organization’s financial strength through efficient and cost-effective operations. The following essential factors need to be considered: Works productively and utilizes company resources appropriately.
* Personal/Professional Development: Conduct that demonstrates continuous improvement of knowledge and skills. The following essential standards need to be considered: Participates in appropriate personal/professional development, strives to improve knowledge/skills, assists others to improve/expand their knowledge/skills or improve services.
* Initiative/Problem Solving: Conduct that contributes to the continuous improvement of company operations (new and existing systems) through a personal drive for excellence and willingness to help others. The following essential standards need to be considered: Self-motivated to continuously improve, participates in the evaluation of new systems and methods, solicits suggestions for improvement, demonstrates commitment and follow-through and adjusts to changes in processes/procedures.
* Customer Service Focus: Conduct that demonstrates commitment to providing the highest level of service to all internal and external customers and delivered in a manner that builds credibility and trust. The following essential standards need to be considered: Utilizes appropriate and effective communication style, demonstrates internal/external customer commitment and demonstrates ability to satisfy customer needs and solve customer problems.
* Personal and Professional Conduct/Accountability: Conduct that consistently reflects and upholds the highest level of personal and professional standards needed to ensure both an ethical and successful organization. The following essential standards need to be considered: Demonstrates personal accountability and dependability, demonstrates ethical and legal conduct and supports/complies with company policies/procedures.

Geographic Region
Maine Lakes & Mountains

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