SubStation Technical Apprentice (CMP-ME-Portland Serv Building)

Central Maine Power | Portland, ME, United States

Posted Date 9/18/2023

POSITION: SubStation Technical Apprentice (CMP-ME-Portland Serv Building)(46253)


LOCATION: CMP-ME-Portland Serv Building


Assist in the installation, repair and testing of all types of electrical and /or mechanical apparatus, including transformers, regulators, control equipment, relays, and other substations equipment, and to a limited extent, line and protective relaying equipment.

  • Works under supervision on or adjacent to, energized equipment in accordance with the safety standards.
  • Obtains a general knowledge of substation equipment and works with the tools, equipment and instrument of the trade.
  • Learns to prepare such records as may be necessary and becomes familiar with switching procedures and operation of substation equipment.
  • Must be able to work from elevated structures.
  • Must feel comfortable working within allowable working clearances of energized equipment.
  • Can perform limited duties without immediate supervision.
  • Lift material / equipment weighing up to 75 pounds.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills and Requirements

  • Must become familiar with the Company’s operating standards, policies, safety instructions, regulations and directives pertaining to the assignments.
  • Must be able to perform assigned duties in accordance with established maintenance and operating procedures in a safe and timely manner.
  • Must have a 2-year associate degree in the electrical / electronic field or passed the ETQ exam.
  • Must hold a valid Maine driver's license and be able to qualify and hold any other permits or licenses required.
  • Must hold or be able to obtain a Class B license.
  • Must work in a manner that does not jeopardize the safety of themselves or others.
  • Must maintain telephone and provide Company with telephone number.
  • Must be able to work extended hours as required.
  • Must have the ability to work in a team environment.
  • Must be able to work in inclement weather conditions.
  • Must be able to perform all the essential functions of the classification.
  • Must be able and willing to respond to emergency call out situations
  • Must reside within 45 minutes of reporting location.


  • Be a role model
  • Be agile
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Develop Self & Others
  • Empower to grow
  • Focus to achieve results
  • Technical Skills

Mobility Information

Please note that any applicant who is not a citizen of the country of the vacancy will be subject to compliance with the applicable immigration requirements to legally work in that country

Job Type

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