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Posted Date 4/30/2019
Description Schedule: Regular Full-time
Shift: Day
Hours: 8am-5pm

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Become a manager in our Financial Planning & Analysis Department


We've got a great team in our Financial Planning &Analysis department, and we're lookingfor a manager with the right attitude and set of skills to fill our roster. In thisrole, you would provide a range of services in the Corporate Office of an integrated healthcare system, employing morethan 12 thousand people and serving a large regionof Maine from Portland to Presque Isle and Greenville to Blue Hill. In this position,you would manage a motivated team that offers financial planning & analysisservices, including an annual operating budget, capital planning,long- rangefinancial forecasts, and business plans. You would also work with staff in ourmember hospitals to achieve best practice processes. The Manager will work closely with the AVP, Finance &Analytics to support the needs of the vice president of finance and chief financialofficer in addition to internal and external clients related to Northern Light Health. In this role, the Manager will oversee the integrity of thefinancial planning systems used by Northern Light Health's leadership team. This includes the Allscripts EPSi Budgeting,Forecasting and Capital system. The managerwill additionally oversee the development of the annual operating budget. This position requires but is not limited to resourcing the following functions:

·Staying a breast of changes happening within the various programs and services lines and ensuring that those changes are properly reflected in the budget

·Training leaders on the use of thebudgeting software

·Working closely with the AVP, Finance& Analytics on leadership reporting needs

·Reviewing the budget for accuracy andcompleteness

The consultant must demonstrate and promote excellent customerservice, responsiveness, oral and written communication, accurate and supportedanalysis, and project management skills. To be successful, the individual in this position must be:

·An effective communicator andtrainer providing support to the team and to all NLH Members to optimize utilization of the NLH budgeting and forecasting systems

·Provide timely input andanalysis into the decision-making process during the development of the various
financial plans

·Able to continually demonstrate a thorough understanding of financial operations and proficiency with the budgeting, forecasting, and capital planning tools

·A role model in the delivery of services that are deemed to be superior in the eyes of the customers.

The Manager will support the development of the operatingbudget, ongoing system maintenance, and variance reporting and manage the team toperform the following duties:

Operating Budget

·Support the Associate Vice President in implementing the budget calendar and providing analysis usedto develop annual budget targets.

·Serve as in-house expert, super-user and trainer on the operatingbudget system, understanding data links with Lawson and other systems,validation, budget development, and variance reporting.

·Stay a breast of Financial Planning software, structure, and detailed data elements. Participates in software upgrade testing and documents results. Recommends options if issues arise. Assists with the implementation and deployment of new software functionality.

·Support the completion of the consolidated budget which includes management of intercompany andeliminating entries as well as assists with other analyses; educate Member staff organizations and assist with problem solving related to operating budget development.

·Complete the monthly processing tasks promptly to ensure that the standard reports are published within the expectedtimeframe.

·Manage consolidating reports and intercompany accountreconciliation.

·Accurately generate forecasts and analyze trends in revenues, expenses, and statistics.

·Compile and maintain documentation to support projections.

·Proactively monitor internal trends to identify risks and opportunities across revenue,expenses, and statistics.

·Collaborate with cross-functional teams in conjunction with budgeting and forecasting process.

·Prepare monthly budget versus actual analyses based on determined criteria.

·Perform other operating budget duties as assigned.

Capital Budget

·Provide analytical support to the Capital Review Committee, which oversees capital allocations andapprovals and post-implementation reviews. Prepare cost benefit analysis ofcapital projects.

·Assist with Capital Budget reports for the Finance Committee.

·Compile and analyze capital budget expenditures.

·Calculate ROI/NVP and other analyses as requested.

Financial Planning Services

·Assist in the preparation of the long-rangefinancial forecast.

·Monitor data for positive and negative business and financial trends and proactively alert the AVP to potential problems and/or opportunities.

·Develop and present analytical summaries, educational topics, etc., in a professional manner.

·Maintain system-wide policies and procedures related to financial planning.

·Stay current on upgrades and functionality enhancements and ensures that systems are compliant with Information Technology and Information Security office policies and procedures.

·Provide information and assistance to other departments or leaders as needed.

·Perform other financialplanning special projects and job duties as assigned.


Mature individual with excellent customer service,management, andanalytical skills. Written communication skills required as well as project organization. Must maintaininstitutional, customer and Financial Planning department confidentiality. Experience in managing teams important. Oral presentation skills a plus. Demonstrates initiative, a professional attitude and a desire toward self-improvement.

Bachelor's degree in Accounting or related field and a minimum of seven years of accounting or financial planning experience required. Health care experience a plus.

A working knowledge of financial statement preparation and analysis required. Demonstrates knowledge of projection methodologies and relationships between goals and finances.

Must possess analytical and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to coordinate the work of others and communicate effectively (both in writing and verbally) with all levels of management in amulti-corporate structure.

Demonstrates proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Microsoft Access and willingness to keep current with new computer software/technology for the continuous improvement offinancial planning processes. Experience with All scripts EPSi, and Lawson systems preferred.

Demonstrates the ability to work in afast-paced environment, prioritize multiple tasks, and meet deadlines withaccuracy and attention to detail. Shows capacity to be flexible and competentas priorities change. Demonstrated effectiveness in the management of a team-oriented culture required.


Physical requirements include the ability to sit and/or stand long periods, light lifting,bending, some walking, hand dexterity sufficient to manage keyboard functions,and visual acuity. Travel will be necessary periodically. Keyboard skills are required.

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