Service Manager

Dead River Company | Houlton, ME

Posted Date 10/11/2018

Position Summary:

Oversees service department dispatching, inventory, billing, payroll and productivity to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and an efficient, profitable department. Supervise installation and repair of heating equipment to assure a high level of customer satisfaction. The Service Manager provides leadership in support of the Dead River Company Brand Promise and Customer Guarantees and Pledges.

Essential Functions:

1. Oversees all service department operations and is responsible for the overall performance and management of the department by providing quality service and retaining a skilled, productive workforce.

2. Develops technicians through in-house training programs, cross-training, or participation in outside training programs. The Service Manager conducts work inspections and provides technical guidance as needed.

3. Conducts or oversees the monthly department safety meeting.

4. Achieve the budgeted level of billable hours and profitability per technician.

5. Keeps abreast of new technology and codes relating to various petroleum related equipment.

6. Coordinates the efficient and timely dispatching of technicians with the dispatch supervisor or dispatch personnel.

7. Analyzes service department productivity reports in an effort to improve efficiency and maximize technician billable hours.

8. Resolves customer concerns or complaints relating to the service or installation of parts and equipment.

9. Controls the parts and equipment inventory for the department. Communicates with suppliers and maintains a prudent level of parts.

10. Sets a high standard of corporate image through customer relations, quality work, clean vehicles, neat appearance, and safe driving and work habits.

11. Gains an understanding of company policies and local, state, and federal rules, regulations, and codes pertaining to the safe installation and service of petroleum equipment.

12. Coordinates the maintenance of service department vehicles with drivers and mechanic or outside repair garage.

13. Evaluates performance and provides performance feedback utilizing the Performance Scorecard.

Other Tasks:
Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

A high school education or equivalent is required.

A minimum of two years supervisory experience is required. A knowledge of petroleum products, equipment and service is required.

Certification and Testing:
The service manager will typically have appropriate oil burner and /or propane licenses.

Equipment Used:
This position utilizes both office equipment and all equipment used in the installation and repair of petroleum related equipment.

Decisions Made:
The Service Manager makes all day-to-day operational decisions and deals with customer service issues. More complex or difficult decisions are made in consultation with the District Manager.

The service manager frequently deals with customers, other employees (technicians, dispatchers), other department heads, and sales (if applicable).

Safety Considerations:
The Service Manager oversees the safe use of company service vehicles and all aspects of service technician safety including appropriate personal protective equipment, proper lifting of heavy parts and equipment, hazardous materials handling, and general safety awareness. The Service Manager sets the standard for safety awareness in the department. The Service Manager also seeks to minimize liability claims relating to installation and service work. An Incident Investigation is completed on all injuries, accidents and claims.

  • Other Attributes Required:
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Planning and scheduling skills
  • Desire to lead (assertiveness) and leadership skills
  • Accuracy, organization, and attention to detail
  • Analytical skills

Work Environment:
Work is performed both inside an office where temperatures are controlled, outside in all weather conditions, and inside customer residences where is may be damp, hot, cold, dusty, e heating season is typically faster paced than the rest of the year.

  • Physical Requirements Analysis:
  • The position requires frequent sitting with occasional standing and walking
  • There is frequent use of the fingers to write, input data into a computer system, and handle paperwork. At job sites there is frequent use of the arms, hands, fingers to manipulate tools.
  • There is frequent communication involving both speaking and listening

Weight or Force Moved:
The Service Manager periodically assists others in moving very heavy objects weighing in excess of 100 pounds.

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