Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant

University of New England | Portland, ME

Posted Date 1/22/2020

To perform a wide variety of clerical/secretarial and administrative tasks related to a
specific academic or administrative function.


Oversee and carry out various day-to-day departmental administrative functions.
- Perform regular secretarial duties for the department: answer phones and serve as
department receptionist; type/print using word processor correspondence, exams,
reports, manuals, and the like; order office supplies; maintain appointment calendars;
screen incoming mail; set up meetings; photocopy; and the like.
- Coordinate, initiate, prepare, process, and/or monitor various
administrative/financial/operations forms, records, reports, schedules, and other
documents, ensuring timely and accurate completion of documents by other
Department/University students, faculty or staff, or individuals outside the University.
- Organize and maintain various departmental files and records, frequently involving
cross filing/cross-reference systems.
- Perform a variety of tasks related to the development and maintenance of
computerized departmental records using personal computers: design and basic
programming of appropriate data bases and data management/reporting systems using
various PC software; initial data base input; ongoing use of the system, involving regular
data input and using programs to generate a variety of regular and special reports.
- Develop and maintain various logs and other manual record-keeping systems related
to assigned functions.
- Compile a variety of information from both manual and computerized records and files
for regular and special reports and in response to specific requests by supervisor or other staff members.
- Prepare/coordinate bulk or other special departmental mailings.
- Perform various bookkeeping functions: initiate and process financial documents
related to operating budgets or special accounts; monitor financial activity; organize and maintain financial records; prepare related reports.
- Perform basic liaison functions with students, faculty, staff, parents, or other
department/program constituency: explain policies/procedures, answer various
questions, coordinate services/assistance, handle special requests or problems, routing
to senior staff members as appropriate.
- Perform other specialized or technical administrative tasks related to the departments primary function.
- Confer regularly with immediate supervisor, other department/University personnel,
and/or various firms/organizations/individuals outside the University to plan and
coordinate activities, exchange information, resolve problems, and the like.
- Train and oversee the work of junior staff members or student assistants.
- Completes University new employee orientation and sexual harassment t raining within 30 days of the date of hire.
- Understands and complies with the University of New England Safety Manual.
- Performs other related duties as assigned.


Associate’s degree in business or other appropriate discipline, plus two to three years of relevant clerical and administrative experience, or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired.
- Broad base of general clerical/secretarial skills, including typing/word processing, filing, phone/office reception, and so forth.
- Good basic administrative and organizational skills. Experience in organizing and maintaining moderately complex filing and records systems. Previous experience with computerized information systems desirable, and possibly required.
- Good reading, spelling/grammar and general writing and math skill s. Some
bookkeeping/accounting training or experience may be desirable.
- Ability to deal effectively with a wide variety of University personnel, students, and/or
outside individuals/organizations.
- Previous UNE experience desirable.

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