Payroll Specialist

University of New England | Biddeford, ME

Posted Date 7/11/2019

The Payroll Specialist compiles, processes, and maintains all aspects of hourly student, and hourly and salaried staff employment data and payroll, using an in-house processing environment for a large and diverse workforce of over 3,000 employees and students, payable under bi-weekly and semi-monthly schedules. The Payroll Specialist accomplishes this with the utmost accuracy, timeliness, confidentiality, professionalism and a customer service focus, along with a thorough understanding of UNE’s policies.


  • Process electronic payroll cycle, including but not limited to:
    • set-up payroll run
    • enter time sheet data
    • run payroll reports
    • run a pre-calculation report
    • proof payroll entries
    • calculate final payroll
    • create and transmit the direct deposit file output with bank
    • ensure printing of actual checks with Controller’s Office
  • Collect and review for accuracy:
    • University policies and regulatory requirements
    • manual input and filing of hourly staff and student time sheets
    • salaried leave reports
    • manual input and filing of employment data including, but not limited to: terminations of employment, direct deposit, taxes, 403(b), paid time off, FMLA and garnishments orders and other deductions
  • Review for accuracy employment data, including but not limited to:
    • new hires
    • terminations
    • benefit election forms
    • tax data, other deductions, 403b plan, and payroll change notices (i.e. pay/job changes.) (Payroll Information Specialist inputs these items)
  • Create weekly business office vouchers to Accounts Payable for eligible withholdings, as well as paying or ensuring timely payment of taxes and 403(b) withheld for regular and off-cycle payrolls.
  • Produce manual and void checks in Banner payroll processing system, including requesting replacement payments with Accounts Payable for returned payroll direct deposits.
  • Understand, follow and articulate proper taxation of benefits, gross to net payroll calculation and applicable and related laws and regulations surrounding payroll.
  • Ensure confidentiality of employee data and security of physical checks and payroll information.
  • Communication:
    • act as liaison with staff, faculty, administration, students and vendors/regulatory agencies in answering questions, providing alternatives and facilitating decision-making
    • provide information, assistance and/or training to employees, staff and the University community
    • provide technical/procedural assistance to staff and University community
    • train on payroll policies/procedures
    • answer employee/staff questions during payroll editing and check processing.
    • advise, interpret and provide direction to management and staff on University rules and procedures and Federal, state and local laws and regulations involving payroll and related benefit program deductions to ensure ongoing compliance
    • inform Payroll Manager of payroll anomalies, possible payroll discrepancies and violations of University and/or regulatory policies
  • Work collaboratively with Human Resources, Business Office and Student Financial Services personnel to ensure proper workflow among all four functional and overlapping areas.
  • Recommend and assist with developing and implementing new and/or revised policies, procedures and strategies to ensure efficient processing of the University’s payroll and ongoing compliance with legislative mandates and statutes.
  • Prepare a variety of correspondence, memoranda, statistical summaries, reports, announcements and other materials related to the payroll function.
  • Document all facets of payroll processing procedures as outlined above.
  • Develop a full understanding of the Banner ERP and related systems, including how standard payroll and human resource related information is entered, stored, and accessed. Understand the features of Banner information and develop methods for accessing and tracking critical information to the organization.
  • Miscellaneous duties, including but not limited to:
    • assist with annual Benefits Fair
    • incoming/outgoing mail processing
    • training on system upgrades and enhancements
    • back-up/coverage for other members of Payroll Office
    • streamlining including automation of payroll functions
    • knowledge of annual contract/pay changes and federal/state regulations
    • special projects as assigned


Four years of related experience or any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.

  • Fundamentals of Payroll Certification desired.
  • Knowledge of payroll principles, practices, regulations and procedures.
  • Skill in evaluating and analyzing technical payroll activities.
  • Skill in verbal, written and interpersonal communications.
  • Knowledge of accounting practices and procedures.
  • Skill in preparing detailed reports and procedural documentation.
  • Skill in performing detailed computations.
  • Ability to interact with faculty, staff and students in a courteous, efficient and discreet manner regarding highly sensitive and confidential financial matters.
  • Ability to resolve problems for positive outcomes.
  • Ability to critically think through processes.

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