Case Work Coordinator (Temporary)

Goodwill NNE | Portland, ME

Posted Date 10/12/2017


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Goodwill Northern New England is an influential social enterprise that creates jobs, delivers needed services for people with diverse challenges, and uses environmentally friendly products and processes — all while earning revenue to pay for and expand innovative workforce services in Maine, New Hampshire and northern Vermont. We operate retail stores, employment services, neuro rehabilitation centers, residences for people needing 24/7 support and cleaning/property services.


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This is a temporary position. Expected work period is 10/01/2017 to 12/31/2017.

Job Summary:

Responsible for the facilitation of person centered planning / service coordination.

Represents the Agency in all interactions with other members of the Goodwill community and with the general public, supporting the agency Vision of creating sustainable communities that thrive through the fullest participation of their diverse residents.

Furthers the organizational commitment to triple bottom line results: integrating social, economic and environmental goals into thinking, planning and actions.

Leadership Level Competencies:

1) Team Building - Fosters cooperation and teamwork.

2) Customer Orientation - Establishes and uses communication and feedback to ensure the requirements and expectations of customers are met.

3) Flexibility - Adapts behavior and work methods in response to ambiguity, new information, changing conditions or unexpected obstacles.

4) Self-Direction - Manages own time effectively and efficiently. Initiates appropriate action without being directed to do so.

5) Problem Solving - Encourages employees and others to identify potential problems and obstacles and initiate problem solving processes.

6) Interpersonal Skills - Provides positive feedback in a manner that reinforces or elicits desirable behavior.

7) Conflict Management - Anticipates and resolves conflicts, confrontations, and disagreements in a constructive manner.

8) Technical Competence - Appropriately applies procedures, requirements, regulations and policies related to specialized area of expertise.

Essential Functions:


1. Communicates effectively and courteously when dealing with program participants, parents, guardians and other interested parties.

2. Acts in the capacity as partner liaison with various agencies


1. Educates the program participants and individuals in their support system. 

2. Acts in Agency trainer/instructor capacity when called upon.


1. Performs certain aspects of social work service, including but not limited to the annual planning process examples include; carries out participants’ needs assessment and develops plans for participants; coordinates plan implementation; monitors participants’ progress; provides advocacy; functions as administrator on duty.

2. Develops forums for parents with disabled children.



  • Bachelor degree in Social Work or Bachelor degree and two years relevant human services experience.
  • Knowledge of community resources available to program participants including resources such as Department of Human Services, Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services – MR/DD & MH, Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • American Sign Language ASL skills.
  • Valid driver’s license permitting operation of a vehicle in the State of Maine with a satisfactory driving record
  • Criminal background check that meets Agency standards


Salary17.09 Hour
Job Type
Geographic Region
Greater Portland/Casco Bay
Social Services | Hire-a-Vet Campaign
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AddressPortland, ME 04101