Area Operator - Augusta, ME

Central Maine Power | Augusta, ME, United States

Posted Date 1/29/2021

POSITION – Union: Area Operator - Augusta, ME


LOCATION: CMP-ME-Augusta General Office


Under limited supervision, supervises monitors, regulates and coordinates the use of all substations, transmissions facilities and selected distribution facilities at 34.5 KV and below. Coordinates transmission and selected distribution outages; conducts load flows; performs contingency analysis; performs voltage control and dispatch, and coordinates all switching and tagging on the 34.5 KV system and selected distribution equipment. Coordinates the responsibilities of Area Operations with its internal and external customers to ensure that optimum power system efficiency is obtained.

  1. Serves as central authority to direct all field work by means of dispatching orders that are in accordance with CMP Switching and Tagging Procedures. Will isolate power system permanent faults and restore customer service as well as the power system reliability expeditiously and safely. Coordinate with Line and Substation Departments to reduce exposure to “Life in Danger” situations, to ensure power system integrity is maintained and to minimize the duration of customer outages.
  2. Maintain sufficient reactive voltage support, and minimize losses on the 34.5 KV system, by operation of transformers LTCs and utilizations of VAR reserves.
  3. Performs load flow studies and contingency analysis to determine power system impact by proposed maintenance applications.
  4. Take advanced system operations training in voltage control, emergency procedure and other areas as needed.
  5. Has the authority to shed firm load as required maintaining system reliability and integrity during emergency conditions without obtaining approval from higher-level personnel.
  6. Manage and dispatch the Outage Management System and utilize associated support tools for recording and reporting.
  7. Other duties as assigned.


• Able to make decisions expeditiously and safely during emergencies

• Able to operate dispatch computer and communication equipment

• Able to perform power system contingency analysis

• Working knowledge of construction and operation of power handling equipment

• Proficient verbal and written communication skills

• The company shall not be required to consider Area Operators for posting for other Company jobs for two (2) years after the employee becomes fully qualified as an Area Operator but may do so.


- At least 6 years of experience including Dispatch-related (i.e., substations, hydro, steam, engineering, line, etc).

- Knowledge about dynamics of a power system, dispatcher tools, relay schemes and special protection systems.

- Knowledge of the general location and characteristics of all substations, transmission lines and selected distribution lines rated at 34.5 KV and below, within area of responsibility.

Required Education:

- Must have at least a two-year degree in Electrical Engineering Technology or related field or have passed the CMP ETQ exam.


  • Develop Self & Others
  • Empower to grow
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Be a role model
  • Focus to achieve results
  • Be agile


#LI- MM2

Avangrid employees may be assigned a system emergency role and in the event of a system emergency, may be required to work outside of their regular schedule/job duties. This is applicable to employees that will work in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York within AVANGRD Network and Corporate functions. This does not include those that will work for Avangrid Renewables

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Kennebec Valley

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