Customer Service Representative

MaineHealth | Portland, ME

Posted Date 3/13/2019
  • Position Summary
    • Serves as a vital first contact for many MMC patients, visitors, or other in MMC’s lower intensity entrances and waiting areas. May be called upon to provide all customer service functions and must convey a friendly, caring, and professional attitude. Responsible for meeting, greeting, and assessing needs of customers, providing specific information and assistance, and ensuring that customers needs are met.
  • Required Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)
    • A high school diploma is required; one to three years of experience in a health care setting is desirable but not required.
    • This position requires the employee to have experience with or the capability to be trained to a high degree of skill in analytical and complex problem solving.
    • The employee must have the discipline to follow through thoroughly to ensure that customers’ concerns and needs are addressed.
    • The employee needs an understanding of basic customer service principles, to a level that would be acquired through at least two years of prior customer service experience and six months of on the job training.
    • Must have strong customer service skills and the sensitivity and intuition to detect stresses and problems, and to be resourceful and creative in resolving them.
    • Must maintain a positive outlook, high energy level, and pleasant demeanor.
    • Must be able to maintain poise and calm in dealing with a wide variety of people under stress, and deal effectively and safely with unhappy or difficult customers.
    • Must understand and be able to maintain privacy and confidentiality, and be comfortable interacting with a diverse population.
    • Ability to learn, remember, and explain the complex layout of Maine Medical Center and the locations of services.
    • Ability to work independently (without direct supervision).
    • Ability to understand, interpret, and explain institutional policies and procedures.
    • Outstanding organizational and communication skills.
    • Basic computer skills sufficient to use Microsoft Word and email and internet programs.
Geographic Region
Greater Portland/Casco Bay
Customer Service | Healthcare

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