Delivery Dispatcher

Dead River Company | Scarborough, ME, United States

Posted Date 9/21/2022


Delivery Dispatcher

Full Time


Position Summary:

Ensures the timely, safe and efficient delivery of petroleum products utilizing a computerized dispatching system. This position effectively communicates with customers, schedules trucks and drivers, and monitors delivery progress to assure a high level of customer satisfaction, and an efficient, profitable operation. This is done in support of the Dead River Company Brand Promise, Customer Guarantees and Pledges and Co-worker Guarantees and Pledges.

Essential Functions:

1. Courteously answers the phone, recording customer orders and information, or resolving customer problems. Ensures correct customer information when taking a phone order. Proactively communicates back to customer: - If a delivery cannot be made or completed • To resolve after hours service requests

2. Acts as the primary communication link with all drivers. Monitors all driver’s progress in completing routes and ensures that drivers stay on trace/route.

3. Assigns same-day deliveries to the appropriate driver.

4. Communicates with Routing Specialist the following:

- Exceptions about truck and driver availability for next day or week

- Coordination of repairs, maintenance, and inspection of vehicles

- Driver manifests

- Customer run-outs so that adjustments can be made to account

- Returning tickets per route for prior day’s deliveries

5. Reviews with Delivery Manager the following:

- Driver manifest

- All exceptions (off trace, overtime, misdelivery, accidents, spills, etc.)

6. Resolves credit issues (COD customers) by communicating to dispatcher who works with credit to resolve the issue. Relays information back to the driver for appropriate delivery and/or collection.

7. Reviews and seeks to improve key metrics (throughput, delivery defects, safety)

8. Participates in annual market performance goals.

Other Tasks:

Performs other work-related duties as assigned.


Two years of experience in a dispatch environment with computerized dispatch technology is preferred.

Other Attributes Required:

- Strong communication and interpersonal skills

- Planning and scheduling skills

- Ability to work in a team environment

- Analytical skills

- Technology/computer skills

- Ability to hold others accountable

- A commitment to exceptional customer relations


A high school diploma or equivalent is required.


On a daily basis the Liquid Product Dispatcher is in contact with customers, drivers, and other office staff. This position works closely with the Delivery Manager and Routing Specialist.

Decisions Made:

Decisions are made relating to dispatching petroleum products and customer relations. This position provides input into driver performance as it relates to completion of routes and staying on routes. Complex decisions are made in consultation with the Delivery Manager.

Safety Considerations:

Personal safety considerations relate to proper ergonomics while working at a video display terminal. Other safety considerations relate to the dispatching of petroleum products to avoid run-outs and minimize risk associated with delivery during all kinds of weather and varied delivery situations.

Equipment/Software Used:

Computer keyboard, mouse, RAVEN computerized delivery/dispatch system, ADDS E3 system, telephone

Work Environment:

The work environment is a fast-paced office setting.

Physical Requirements Analysis:

- The position requires frequent sitting with some standing and walking.

- There is frequent use of the hands/arms/fingers to reach, feel, handle paperwork, and input data into a computer

- There is frequent communication involving both talking and listening over the telephone or radio and in person

- Vision requirements include the ability to read printed and handwritten documents and information contained on a video display terminal.

Weight or Force Moved:

There is seldom a need to lift an object weighing in excess of 10 pounds.


Job Type
General Labor

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