2nd Shift Transport Delivery Driver - Seasonal $3,000 Bonus Eligible!

Dead River Company | Bucksport, ME

Posted Date 9/11/2019

Position Summary

Safely, efficiently, and courteously transports petroleum products to company operations and commercial accounts to assure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Hours start typically at 3:00 PM and work 10-12 hour shifts which include a weekend shift.

  • Essential Functions

    1. Performs a vehicle inspection check of the transport vehicle on a daily basis reporting any items needing repair to dispatch.
    2. Safely and timely loads truck, drives to delivery destination, and makes delivery according to federal and state regulations and company policy.
    3. Utilizes computerized technology according to company policy.
    4. Maintains a neat personal appearance including a clean uniform.
    5. Promotes good customer relations and a high standard of corporate image. This is achieved by maintaining clean trucks, and safe, courteous driving.
    6. Maintains a clean and organized truck stocked with appropriate tools, fittings, and safety equipment.
    7. Reports all accidents, spills, or wrong deliveries to the dispatcher.

    Other Tasks
    Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

    Delivery drivers must be at least 21 years of age. Previous truck driving experience is preferred.

    Other Attributes Required
    This position requires dependability, commitment to exceptional customer service, ability to work independently, and the desire to work as part of a team

    A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred.

    Certification and Testing
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License with tanker and hazardous materials endorsement is required.
  • CETP training and certification is required to transport propane.
  • All transport drivers must be able to pass a D.O.T. physical.
  • All transport drivers are subject to pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing.


    Drivers frequently deal with customers and other employees (dispatchers, service technicians, other drivers, and office personnel).

    Decisions Made
    The driver makes decisions regarding route planning and whether to make a delivery based on safety issues and weather concerns. Other decisions are made with input from appropriate dispatch personnel.

    Safety and Liability Considerations
    Safety considerations relate to safe operation of the transport truck and the safe and accurate transfer of petroleum products from the vehicle to the appropriate tank. Any accidents, spills, overfills, or wrong deliveries are immediately reported to the employee’s supervisor.

    Equipment Used
    Tractor and trailer, hose/nozzle, loading rack, wrenches, safety equipment (glasses, gloves, hard hat, shovel, speedy dry), and chock blocks.

    Technology Used
    Drivers receive training in the use of an IPad that is used to track most aspects of product delivery and DOT regulations.

    Work Environment
    Approximately 60%-80% of the time is spent driving the transport vehicle in all weather conditions. The remainder of the time is spent unloading and offloading product. Temperatures can vary from below zero to above 90 degrees, depending on the time of year. Since the job involves the delivery of liquid petroleum products there is exposure to fumes from these products. There is exposure to moderate truck and pump noise and vibration while driving.

    Physical Requirements Analysis
  • The position requires frequent sitting, occasional walking, and standing.
  • There is occasional stooping, kneeling, crouching, climbing.
  • There is frequent use of the hands/arms to reach, feel, handle, pull or lift.
  • There is frequent communication involving both talking and listening.

    Weight or Force Moved:
    Drivers must be able to pull a delivery hose (a weight of up to 75 lbs. - up to 75 feet an average of 2-5 times daily).

Job Type
Regular | Seasonal

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