Director- Sterile Processing Department

MaineHealth | Portland, ME

Posted Date 6/12/2019
Description Provides overall leadership for the Sterile Processing department by developing goals and objectives which align with organizational values. Oversees the development of policies which affects the sterilization processes of Perioperative and clinic areas. Prepares, presents and assesses the operating and capital expenditure budgets to insure they meet approved requirements. Monitors and establishes processes to ensure that all practices of the Sterile Processing department are within the established guidelines of the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develops goals and objectives for Sterile Processing based on interpretation of the policy and goals of Perioperative and Procedural Services.
  • Develops and implement plan to establish priorities and to achieve short and long- term goals.
  • Ensures department understands and supports the vision of the hospital and medical center.
  • Initiates changes in or develop new policies, procedures and/or methods based on standards of AAMI.
  • Analyzes long-range impact of decisions and plans.
  • Ensures the most effective operations of Sterile Processing through program development, process improvement and coordination/integration of processes within Perioperative and Procedural Services and other departments.
  • Reviews and provides recommendations and support to other departments on issues related to sterile processing.
  • Standardizes processing services, processes, resources, and practices to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Adjusts work schedules or project priorities to meet emergencies or changing conditions.
  • Represents Sterile Processing on departmental and/or interdepartmental committees to address problems and facilitate information exchange about programs, problems, etc.
  • Leads, attends and provides input at intradepartmental leadership meetings to ensure leadership team is aware of department’s operational status.
  • Analyzes and evaluate ongoing department programs to identify areas where adjustments/improvements are needed.
  • Develops staffing plans to ensure operational and administrative needs are met.
  • Defines and achieves financial targets in support of business goals of Perioperative and Procedural Services.
  • Prepares annual operating budget for Sterile Processing and Surgical Instrumentation including direct and indirect labor, material and supplies, services, equipment maintenance and replacement.
  • Presents and justifies proposed budgets (operating and capital expenditure) to hospital administration review committee.
  • Evaluates organizational functions and structures to best determine the allocation and utilization of resources.
  • Monitors and reviews department financials on monthly basis; determines cause and corrective action for any variance.
  • Prepares justification or develops alternatives for cost containment/reduction.
  • Projects future budgets based upon analysis of current operations.
  • Creates and exceeds service standards utilizing key service dimension and from knowledge of patient/customer expectations and best practice.
  • Establishes service standards for the department and determine if service standards are compatible with financial targets.
  • Ensures that the service standards are met or exceeded by utilizing customer satisfaction, best practices and market information to improve stakeholder service and satisfaction.
  • Meets or exceeds national operational benchmarks for Sterile Processing Departments.
  • Required Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)
    • Requires interpersonal and management skills and knowledge of employee relations laws as normally acquired through completion of a Bachelors Degree program, in order to deal with complex management problems and communicate with departmental personnel, administrative personnel, a variety of other hospital personnel and community persons.
    • Requires a high level of analytical skills to make management decisions at the department level and make recommendations for consideration of departmental issues.
    • Requires knowledge of teaching methods and counseling techniques in order to direct the growth of department personnel.
Geographic Region
Greater Portland/Casco Bay
Healthcare | Management

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