Clinical Assistant RN - Mohs Surgery, Per Diem

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Posted Date 10/12/2017
Job Responsibilities:

The clinical assistant (RN) is responsible for care management of the patient in a specialty care setting. The Mohs RN will assist the Mohs surgeon with pre and post op areas of patient care.  Mohs RN assists during surgery with retracting tissue, suturing and wound bandaging. 


  • Assessment of provider schedules and organize patient flow
  • Assist providers with patient care:
  • Pre and post-surgical patients, pre op Mohs consults over the phone
    • Maintain data registries and Meaningful Use information
    • Medication reconciliation of complex medication lists
    • Perform screenings per provider guidelines
    • Complete and administer local anesthesia
    • Assess risk, location, accurate site identification, sterilize area.
    • Ensure CA and patient safety (personal protective equipment)
    • Assess for anesthesia effectiveness
    • Ensure needle safety
    • Assist surgeon in tray set up, sterile technique and during surgery.
    • Clean and bandage wound between stages, applying pressure bandages.
  • Input patient care orders after Provider has noted them in patients progress note
  • Complete local anesthesia competency training
  • Triage surgical risk and schedule appropriately
  • Review and triage referrals
  • Coordinate referrals between offices (radiation and medical oncology)
  • Schedule difficult cases based on size and consultation
  • Obtain pathology from other offices
  • Maintain Mohs file (map, consent, path report, consult letter, Mohs letter, pictures, etc.)
  • Complete eCW notes for Mohs surgery, importing data from Mohs map.
  • Stock and prepare petri dishes for tissue transport
  • Manage map location and transport
  • Coordinate tissue transport and timing of lab with patient care
  • Communicate with M.D. regarding results of slides (clear, additional stage, etc.)
  • Coverslip slides with appropriate media
  • Present slides in order of tissue processing for M.D. review
  • Clean and sanitize cryostats, tissue grossing station, and automated tissue stainer
  • Prepare stainer for use
  • Preload patient records prior to routine visit per provider protocol and oversight.
  •  Maintaining sedative/medication inventory
  • Ensure pharmaceutical waste is appropriately disposed of
  • Oversight of clinical environment with attention to safety and infection control
  • Maintain emergency equipment and pharmacy stock
  • Provide follow up with patient after Mohs surgery discharge
  • Provide patient nursing care; facilitate patient education
  • Coordinate and support individual, group and population based health maintenance and promotion
  • Coordinate patient care management with in house specialties and resources; community resources; home health and other health care agencies; hospital care
  • Manage telephone encounters utilizing triage and telehealth principles
  • Ability and willingness to provide excellent customer service to patients, InterMed colleagues and vendors
  • Special projects as assigned by lead, coordinator or manager

Job Qualifications:
  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing
  • Unencumbered active registered nurse licensure in state of Maine
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Proficient in Windows applications, electronic medical record preferred
  • Excellent professional judgment, phone skills and decision making ability
  • Work collaboratively with all team members
  • Demonstrate initiative, responsibility, flexibility and decision making
  • Demonstrate critical and reflective thinking

Other Job Information (if applicable): Per diem. Office hours Monday through Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm   
Geographic Region
Greater Portland/Casco Bay
Healthcare | Nursing

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