Laboratory And Process Control Supervisor

Lewiston – Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority | Lewiston, ME, United States

Posted Date 12/21/2020

Laboratory and Process Control Supervisor

Lewiston, Maine

Union position is available for a responsible and motivated worker.

Job application, job description and requirements are included below and posted on our website

This position is hourly and provides pay starting at $25.38/hr. with a full benefit package.

Shifts are 5 days per week 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Applications are due by January 19, 2021 submitted to:


Administrative Assistant

Lewiston – Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority

P.O. Box 1928 (535 Lincoln St) Lewiston, ME 04241-1928

General Duties

Performs and/or supervises all analytical testing of wastewater, solids and residuals conducted by Authority personnel or by outside laboratories Ensures efficient and safe operation of the Authority’s treatment plant laboratory. Is responsible for ordering supplies and reagents for the laboratory and to ensure that laboratory and process control equipment is properly maintained and serviced. The Laboratory and Process Control Supervisor plays a central role in process control decisions in consultation with the operations crew.

Supervision Received

Reports to the Assistant General Manager, and in their absence, to the General Manager.

Supervision Exercised

Supervises all personnel when in the laboratory.

Statement of Typical Duties

1. Schedules and conducts or supervises all routine laboratory testing.

2. Assumes primary responsibility for plant process control, including but not limited to: sludge wasting rates, dissolved oxygen control, septage addition, return sludge pumping rates, and effluent disinfection. Works with the operations crew to troubleshoot and optimize the treatment process.

3. Performs routine microscopic examination of the activated sludge biomass.

4. Maintains all analytical records, including laboratory logs, bench sheets, and reports from outside laboratories.

5. Maintains or coordinates the maintenance of all analytical instruments and equipment, including portable and online probes and analyzers.

6. Collects or supervises the collection of all samples for analyses (within the Authority or by an outside laboratory).

7. Is responsible to assure that the laboratory is stocked with all supplies needed to carry out analytical duties.

8. Coordinates special studies which have a direct analytical requirement, such as treatability studies, side stream strength analyses, dewatering studies, ambient water quality analyses, etc.

9. Provides public relations and community outreach services or support as needed and as directed by the Assistant General Manager or General Manager, particularly in those instances where a knowledge of laboratory procedures and/or chemistry is essential.

10. Reviews Authority licenses and permits for analytical requirements and associated budgetary costs.

11. Provides budget information for the laboratory and analytical needs of the Authority and is responsible to track laboratory expenditures throughout the operating year.

12. Must participate in process control meetings and other sessions.

Special Qualifications, Knowledge and Abilities

1. Proficiency in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology is required as demonstrated by the ability to perform and calculate results for common waste water analyses.

2. Ability to perform manual labor including climbing ladders, safe lifting of at least 50 pounds

3. Ability to work in a team to accomplish analytical tests, process control and other general tasks.

4. Ability to understand and follow simple oral and written instructions in English.

5. Ability to work out of doors in Maine weather conditions regardless of season.

6. Possess an understanding of waste water treatment, including activated sludge and the effects of various pollutants on the aquatic environment. Understands the hazards associated with waste water treatment.

7. Ability to diagnose basic common laboratory equipment problems and schedule repair or replacement when necessary.

8. Works cooperatively with other employees, helps to train and orient new employees.

9. Ability to supervise other employees, schedule and prioritize tasks to be completed, and to communicate clearly what actions were taken and the reasons for those actions.

10. Ability to recognize process and treatment problems including biological treatment upset, equipment malfunction and other process difficulties.

11. Ability and willingness to report process, personnel, equipment or other problems to the Assistant General Manager and able to take appropriate action when immediate action is critical.

12. Capability to work as a member of a team to solve problems which involve a large number of variables and require the use of scientifically based hypotheses and follow up analysis.

Entrance Requirements

High school diploma or demonstrated equivalent ability is required. Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a related field strongly recommended and desired.

Must hold or be able to obtain within 2 years in the position a waste water treatment plant operator’s license grade IV or higher.

Must be a United States Citizen or permanent legal resident.

Applications are due by January 19, 2021 submitted to:


Administrative Assistant

Lewiston – Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority

P.O. Box 1928 (535 Lincoln St) Lewiston, ME 04241-1928

Geographic Region
Maine Lakes & Mountains

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