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MPX | Portland, ME

Posted Date 11/09/2019

Consumers know what easy to do business with looks and feels like in this Amazon era.  MPX ensures that insurance & healthcare organizations, retail energy companies, financial institutions, and utilities with the common theme of regularly serving consumers, deliver an experience that all generations now expect.  We provide online portals and recurring communications that result in ease, peace of mind, loyalty and growth.

We are a technology company based in Portland, Maine with clients across the country.  We create MyAccount portals and recurring customer correspondence for our clients, delivered online and on paper.  We integrate with leading core software providers in the industries we serve.  We wisely use and manage customer data to ensure that our client’s outward communication is targeted intelligently, communicated personally, and thoughtfully designed to significantly improve the experience of their customers. 

We’re seeking a talented business writer to shape our stories, resulting in clients across several industries being inspired to partner with us by understanding why we do what we do, and our unique value.  As a mid-sized organization, every employee is critically important to our success.

Expected Results:

  • Credible content generated each week for business development team to effectively use with their outreach and follow up.  Increased calls and appointments to result
  • Website content always relevant and current, and site visits consistently growing
  • Registrations generated with increased success for webinars
  • Trade show speaking roles regularly secured
  • Industry and trade show publication articles regularly published
  • Share relevant content in social media forums appropriate for our target decision makers to see
  • Company sales growth linked to content, lead generation, and outreach strengths


  • Implement content strategy to effectively tell our story and unique value to the clients and prospects we target.  Story telling to involve all formats, including writing, video, and graphics, and will be presented via email, blogs, case studies, white papers, web site, customer success stories, industry trade publications, etc.
  • Capture and describe the reason why we do what we do and why it is of value to consumers and clients, and then describe what and how we do it
  • Develop messaging and content targeting ideal company profiles and unique consumer expectations within each of the industries we target
  • Stay attuned to ever evolving consumer and client expectations, and influence our product development to ensure our story and impact remain valued and modern
  • Write and edit a wide-range of content that results in leads, engagement, blog subscribers, and other relevant measurements clarifying that our message is landing and contributing to our growth
  • Research and identify companies, decision makers and industries for us to target
  • Manage the content delivery calendar to lead and meet the objectives of lead generation, webinar attendance, trade show appointments, etc.
  • Cultivate internal contributors, and recruit talented external resources and contractors to be used as required to ensure our message conveys our strengths and ongoing evolution in each of our industries
  • Establish process and workflow to ensure content remains relevant, current, measurable, and effective
  • ttend national and regional trade shows, secure industry trade press, and earn speaking roles for MPX  (Others at MPX will typically deliver the industry talks, though it would be fine if you later earn that role)


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience
  • 5+ years copywriting, content creation experience
  • Demonstrated written, editorial business research skills
  • Curious business person and attuned to consumer behavior
  • Experience with marketing automation, CRM platforms and social media a plus
  • Occasional travel required for industry trade shows and customer events
  • Prefer working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity.  This role requires you to work across functions and departments to bring to life our unique stories and value
  • Self-motivated, able to assume responsibility and work autonomously in a professional manner
  • A broad-minded approach:  Creative and excellent writer.  Also process-driven, can anticipate scale, and effectively uses data to make decisions and recommendations
  • Part time or full time options are being considered.  When applying, please describe your preference and any relevant input
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